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Most common cases of personal injuries


Personal injury law compensation doesn’t only include negligence, its field of practice is large. Some of them are “intentional torts”. In these cases, one party acts intentionally to cause a harm to another party, such as: assault, trespass, false imprisonment, battery, theft and many others.

On the other hand, the law will find responsible even those parties who took everything possible in certain situation to avoid doing something harmful to another person. These situations are mentioned as a strict liability. The law will hold responsible those parties who caused harm to plaintiff while conducting extremely dangerous situation. These cases include, demolition or building and transport of dangerous material.

i-injury-lawOther type of tort cases include harm caused by faulty product are described here, just navigate to this web-site.
. Accountability regarding these cases can be built on the preposition that person or company who developed some product intentionally failed to inform their costumes of its unsafe use, this case can be considered as negligence . Or If certain circumstances are fulfilled, person who was hurt by faulty product , may have the possibility to sue based of “strict liability theory”. These cases can include large number of people and high monetary compensation.

Some lawyers resort to different solutions to defend personal injury liability. If the case involves negligence, defendant may present that plaintiff didn’t use the product with care, or that he knew about consequences and he voluntarily continued to use it, which means he accepted the risk.

The party to whom the harm is done, in order to avoid losing this type of case, should always hire a lawyer. If the person hires the lawyer he will avoid unwelcome situations regarding a time limitation of filling for a lawsuit, which is number one priority in personal injury torts. And having a support from a lawyer the injured party will feel more secure and protected.

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