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Types of personal injury damages

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Personal injury damages | Comments Off on Types of personal injury damages


Those parties who manage to win in personal injury cases, usually have the right on compensation of the damage. The jury is the one who decides the degree of personal injury, but the court has the final word regarding the amount of the compensation, if it’s too big or too small. A personal injury damage compensation can involve “compensatory damages and punitive damages”.

First type, the compensatory damages, include the state of the victim before the injury occurred, which means they return the victim in the state before the accident, like it never happened and they will seek compensation on all levels, financial, physical and emotional. Compensatory damages can have two types, first one includes money loss and the second some other loss.

Compensation for monetary loss involves:

Medical costs – injuries for medical costs may involve previous and following medical care and rehabilitation. Future medical expenses can be calculated by the rest of the life of injured party.

Expenses of living with some permanent condition – this type of condition may effect on injured party to suffer from some type of permanent disability in which the injured person will have to change its life completely in order to adapt. All monetary costs will have to be covered.

Lost salaries – a person has the right on all lost salaries while recovering from harm. Earning capacity is also included.

Correction or substitution of the property – an injured party has the right to charge all costs of the property damage caused by the car accident. Property is evaluated by the present value on the market, when accident happen.

Funeral costs – in this case the family of the injured party has the possibility to charge cost for the funeral.

Compensation for non – monetary losses

Pain and suffering – this type includes physical pain and emotional pain. Emotional pain includes: fear, anger, loss of feeling to enjoy in life and others.

Loss of consortium – husband or wife may receive compensation for damages that may affect their marriage live, such as: loss of comfort, affection, solace and others.

Punitive damages are designed to punish the person who committed the damage. If you want to learn the facts here now please visit our page.

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